Building a Discord community? Try our HeyMint bot to grow your community 10X!
Introduce seamless token gating to your community

Minting is the first gateway for your community members to join exciting journey alongside you. What if they can immediately get a holder role for your exclusive channel in your community? As we are dedicated to support your journey from launching a collection to community management, we built a discord bot service where you can create a smooth token gating process.

Grow your NFT community with HeyMint bot

Why choose HeyMint’s bot?

Seamless integration

As minting process owners, we integrate an uninterrupted automated flow so that you community members can immediately get access to gated channels for verified token holders. 

Build by Discord experts

Bringing over 5 years of expertise in Discord bot development, our team knows the drill. From granular token gating to enhanced security, HeyMint Bot has everything you need to create a thriving community space.

Community engagement made to last

Drawing from our experience managing a 25k Discord community, we’re developing a must-have tool to track engagement across multiple channels (Discord/ X / On-Chain) and incentivize active members. Sign up now for an early user discount.

Questions? We've got answers

Frequently asked questions

How many NFTs can I generate?

Generate as many as you want! Create unlimited collections and NFTs, all for free.

How long does it take to generate an NFT collection?

Our art generator can create 10,000 NFTs in seconds. Planning and designing, however, depend on your creative process.

What chains do you support?

We support Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, BSC, Base, Linea, and all testnets for each chain.

Has your code ever been compromised?

No. Security is our top priority, and we're proud to say that our code has never been compromised.

Is the platform free?

All our basic features are free for creators. When you launch your smart contract, however, you will have to pay a small transaction fee to the blockchain itself. We don’t get a penny of that money. This is a fee you’d have to pay no matter what platform you use.

For collectors, please note that HeyMint charges a nominal fee for each token minted:

- Ethereum Mainnet: 0.0007 ETH (approximately $1) per token.
- Polygon Mainnet: 0.1 MATIC (approximately $0.1) per token.

Collectors would not even notice the fee as we drastically reduce the gas fee for minting with our gas optimizations so minting on Launchpad ends up being much more affordable for collectors.

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